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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the "ideal" customer for the Trust Advisor Wealth Management System?

Literally everyone. The beauty of the system is it is not a one size fits all solution. Regardless of your income, assets, debts, or past history--this system works, period. It will give you the answers and solid financial plan you need to have long term success. You just need to decide now to use it to make a difference in your life.

How do you help people that do not feel confident when it comes to money management issues?

First, we provide financial advocates that provide honest, commission free feedback for those who need help. Further, we have the Trust Wealth Academy which is a wide ranging resource to help people be smarter about their money: How they spend it, how they manage it, and how they invest it and much, much more.

Is the Wealth Management System guaranteed?

Of course, we are consumer advocates to help you win when it comes to a successful strategy to build wealth. You can't lose with our no questions asked cancellation and money back guarantee policy.

Is the system secure?

Your personal privacy and financial security is a top priority--we use bank level security that makes our system completely secure. We use a top security control system through verisign to make sure that personal information is never compromised. In fact, we are so serious about security that we include credit and identity monitoring service for our clients at no additional cost. We also offer $25,000 in identity insurance for our clients in the event that their identity is breached for any reason whatsoever.

What makes Trust Expense tracker unique to other budgeting software like QuickBooks, Quicken, or Budget Planners?

The problem with most expense tracking systems (or the “spend all month and hope for the best” approach) is that they only show you where you stand at the end of the month, when the money has already been spent. By then it’s too late to do anything about it! With Expense Tracker you get real-time feedback – including instant balance updates with every call and a daily email of your month-to-date expenditures by category – so you can take action to avoid month-end problems.

Simply call in your expense, text it in or enter at the website--it is so simple you will not lose a minute of your precious free time to track your budget.

The truth is that you must track your spending in order to control it – a fact proven by nearly all self-made millionaires. The Expense Tracker, a fun and ridiculously easy-to-use money tracking system, can be your secret to enjoying more financial freedom than you ever thought possible.

What are some of the biggest rewards you have seen or heard from your customers once they begin using The Trust Advisor Software?

  • The system doesn't lie, there is no more subjective arguing about Money
  • Get out of debt in 1/2 to 1/3 the time... including home mortgage
  • Save like never before-- Typically our clients increase their net savings rate by 1-7% and Double or even triple their retirement savings
  • Find more money every month--Our clients on average find an extra $300-$600 a month that they are currently wasting and and apply new disciplines that empower you to live within your means…while having fun doing it!
  • Learn how to prioritize money so you can have anything you want
  • Eliminate money worries
  • Cut tax burden
  • Become more efficient with the money you are already making so you can become financially secure on any income
  • Enjoy the financial secure feeling of knowing that you are in control of your finances – for life.

What do I get for my money?

The Wealth Management System is a proven system that is simple, quick, mobile, and guaranteed to find you money! We hear over and over again about people going to seminars to hear the big financial experts and motivational speakers…to leave very excited and motivated (plus a lot of CD’s and books that quickly become lost or forgotten) but never a SYSTEM to do all the things that the speakers are saying to do. The principles incorporated in the Trust Advisor Software have literally been around for hundreds of years. Nobody has brought these time tested principles into one, easy to use web based software application that applies to the masses--there is nothing to down load or discs to buy--you can literally be using the system in a matter of minutes...

If I am set up with Trust Auto Pay and my financial plan is essentially on auto pilot, am I still in control of my money?

Absolutely. Our entire purpose is to help you gain control of your finances. You are always in control and you can do whatever you would like with the money the system saves you. Whether you want to invest it, pay off your debt, or put it towards retirement it is entirely up to you.

What are the requirements to be successful as a client of Trust Finances?

A computer with internet access. A desire to get control of your financial life! Motivation to get out of Debt and build lasting wealth! A willingness to make changes where necessary. The discipline to use the system and apply the correct principles to your life..

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