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What is the “Marketplace”? is in the business of trying to help people be smarter about their money—how they spend it, how they save it, and how they manage it.  Marketplace is a section for our members where they can get help and save money on services they need and use in their lives.

The average American spends over $10,000 per year in “financial services”—Loans, legal, tax, insurance, real estate, asset protection, credit, financial planning, and so forth.  Marketplace is a resource where our members could realize a 10-50% discount on services they need to meet their financial needs.

What services does Trust Finances provide?

  • Financial and retirement planning—we have licensed professionals that can put a comprehensive retirement plan in place.
  • Tax planning and preparation—significant money can be saved through effective tax planning and preparation.
  • Loans—we offer lending solutions to save you money when you need a loan.
  • Insurance—we deliver savings on home, life, auto, and health insurance.
  • Legal—whether you need a contract reviewed, need a living will or trust prepared, filing for bankruptcy, or need representation in a case, we have a legal team who is prepared to help you.
  • Small Business—if you are starting or running a small business we can help you.  Whether you need help setting up the entity or you need bookkeeping or payroll services, let our team help you out.
  • Miscellaneous other services—you may need assistance in other areas and we are glad to be a resource for you.

Get started now.

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